We're too smart.
We're too intelligent.
We've come too far.
Peace Accelerators is not just a nonprofit,
it's a movement and an evolution
toward a new era of humanity.
The Peace Accelerators realize it is the first half of the 21st century where the homo sapiens of Earth will finally set aside their differences and realize that violence, fighting, and killing each other will only make things worse.
The Peace Accelerator's aim is to accelerate this process (the adoption of the culture of peace) as quickly as possible.
Peace is not only possible, it is rationale, and inevitable.
We have too many other risks facing our own survival on Earth for our species to continue fighting with each other.
The time has come. A new era in human history is about to begin.
Stand for diplomacy.
Stand for civility.
Stand for healthy coping mechanisms between leaders.
Stand for nonviolence.

Stand for humanity.
Stand for peace.
"One mission."